Do you have a minimum order?

Yes, for all abroad orders, it’s a minimum of usd3,000 by amount, 2,000sheets and 1,00 rolls by quantity. You could inquiry our sales for details. sales@inkjetmediachian.com

How long will my order take?

Normal delivery is about 7 working days. Ending delivery schedule depends on the quantity and item you booked. You can email us for more details. sales@inkjetmediachina.com

Can you serve free samples and how can I get them?

Yes, as an one of largest inkjet media products manufacturers in China mainland, we are able to serve you our free samples for your test.
sheet samples

  • A4 size: we always serve you 5sheets at one time in free. 5 sheets packed into one plastic bag with a sticker;
  • 4R/A6 size or other size (3R,13X18″ etc) available sometime please check with your sales in advance;
  • You need to pay as quantities more than 20 sheets, our sales will tell you in advance;
  • Freight collected, you can ask for your sales to draw back freight while you place order.

roll samples

  • Roll size: we always serve you 305mm*3m at one time in free. This small roll be packed into special plastic bag with a sticker;
  • Other size, 17″, 24″ etc also available, to save freight we do not suggest this size for abroad sending;
  • You need to pay us as length more than 15m, our sales will tell you in advance;
  • Freight collected, you can ask for your sales to draw back freight while you place order.

Can you accept online payment, like paypal etc?

Yes, with the development of international business, more and more customers are intend to make payment online. In China mainland, few factories accept online payment but accept T/T or L/C such traditional payment methods only. Now, we accept it! Click to learn more

What are your express delivery costs?

It depends on your area, we used UPS bulk service, it had 40-45% discount as normal UPS express service.

How about my paper’s packing, can I use my own logo?

Yes, you can. we are one of the pioneers who are able to serve various packing solutions (professional OEM packing service) in early times. You can click here to learn more about our OEM packing service

I just want to test your samples, can I own your samples locally?

Yes, you can own our samples locally, you could email us your area, then we will notify where and who you can contact.

Do you give discounts with large quantities?

Yes, we have such sales policy. It not only depends on your order quantity, but also the item you booked.

what your policy is when products are found to be faulty?

In our factory, every pieces and rolls are 100% inspected before packing. Every batch of products had corresponding production numbers, once there will be a complain, we could response and check it immediately. Every sheets and rolls are checked by our QC.
Definitely speaking, once complain comes out, we handle like this:
1). We request you offer goods dispatch you receive, and other proofs, like goods picture etc;
2). Cfm receipt your goods dispatch, then will compare with our counter samples recorded from our production dept. FYI: we will mark every cartons in numbers.
3). Cfm the quality the same or not, then adv you reasons.
4). Offer complain solutions:
a. supplement extra quantity goods in free by sea shipment in your half cost or in next order;
b. discount in next order

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